How to Hide a Router & Modem

How not to hide a router and modem

While you can countless Pinterest boards on hiding your router and modem in drawers or hollowed out books, this is a really bad idea. Your modem and router have vents that are critical to keep your devices from over heating. If you put your router or modem in a hollowed out book, drawer, or other place with limited airflow, you are limiting your device’s ability to cool itself down. This can end up damaging your router and modem or cause it to work poorly.

How to hide your router and modem

In order to make sure your vents work properly you should conceal your router and modem in locations with sufficient airflow and make sure there is at least 4″ of clearance around the modem or router to maximize airflow. Below are 3 safe ways to hide your router and modem so that aren’t such an eyesore.

1. Behind a Cabinet, Dresser, or Bookshelf

While you shouldn’t put your router anywhere that restricts airflow, you can put your router out of sight. By placing a cabinet, dresser or bookshelf at an angle in the corner of a room, you create a space with plenty of open air that is not visible. This will help keep your router from cluttering up a room and keep your router functioning.

Hide your router behind an angled bookshelf, dresser, or cabinet

2. Behind a Picture Frame on a Shelf or Bookshelf

Similarly, you can hide a router behind a picture frame rather than inside of a hollowed out book or box. This will allow your router or modem to cool while concealing the unsightly cables and blinking lights. This is a great solution for routers and modems that are in common areas or hallways.

hide router behind a picture frame

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3. On Top of a Tall Bookshelf

If you don’t have a great picture to hide your modem and router behind, you can also place your devices on top of a tall bookshelf. While they will still be visible, the top of a bookshelf is not very visible for many people and can hide your router and modem in plain sight. This “hiding” spot might not be as clean as hiding your router in a hollowed out book, stashing it in a drawer, or in a cabinet, but your router and modem will have no problems with ventilation, giving you the maximum performance and longevity.

hide router on top of a tall bookshelf
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