Standard Bathroom Vanity Height

What is the Standard Height of a Bathroom Vanity

What is the Standard Height of a Bathroom Vanity?

The standard height for a bathroom vanity is 32″ tall. Typically bathroom vanity cabinets will range in height from 30″ – 36″ tall. In recent years, “comfort height bathroom vanities” have emerged and are taller than a standard bathroom cabinet.

Standard Bathroom Vanity Height diagram

Standard Bathroom Vanity Height

Though it might take a little work, you can find a bathroom vanity in just about any style, shape, or size to fit your bathroom. While the standard bathroom vanity console height is 32″,  there is a lot of variability in vanity height given the all of the feature variations. That said, the typical bathroom vanity height rage is 30″ – 36″. While one height is not better or worse there are considerations that may make a taller or shorter vanity a better fit for your home. If there are kids in your home, you may want vanity closer to 30″ while if you and your household are tall, a vanity around 36″ might be a better fit.

Comfort Bathroom Vanity Height

While comfort vanities have been around for a while, they have been increasing in popularity over the last couple years. If you’re not familiar with comfort height vanities, don’t worry – comfort height bathroom vanities are taller than a standard bathroom vanity so a person using the vanity does not have to bend over as much when they are using it. Typically they are 36″ tall. Comfort height is rapidly becoming the new standard height for vanities in a master bathroom or other areas where children will not typically be using them.

Comfort vanities are about the same height as a standard kitchen counter. If you are unsure if a comfort vanity is a good fit for your bathroom, you can test out the height by taking a trip to your kitchen. If you have small children, a comfort vanity might not be a great fit for your bathroom as they can be harder for small children to use without a stool.

Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Height

How tall are bathroom vanities for vessel sinks? Typically a bathroom vanity designed for a vessel sink is 30″; this is 2″ lower than the standard vanity height. Vessel sinks can add 5″ to 6″ to the height of the vanity which could make a 32″ or 36″ vanity feel awkwardly tall and unusable for smaller children.

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